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Creating a vegetable garden with rain harvesting system

Why we need a rain harvesting system?
The season in Uganda changes every three months - twice a year there is a rain season where it rains so hard that sometimes the crops gets even flooded. Twice a year there is a dry season and even a lot of the wells dry up, not to talk about the difficult circumstances for growing crops. That leaves the locals with 6 months where they aren't able to grow food for themselves. 
The rain harvesting system gathers water from the rain season, stores it and allows the locals to use it also at dry seasons which could offer them a possibility to grow twice as much food as they are growing now. 

What is our plan? 
A lot of people in Uganda can't afford to own land and so can't grow their own food anymore. With little money they get from work, they can only afford to buy rice and corn flour. That isn't a base for healthy nutrition. We want to change all that and give people back their land. Our plan in to buy two acres of land which the orphanage could use to grow their own food and provide children with better nutrition. That is also enough land to offer some needy the chance to have their own little patch of land to grow food on and feed their family.
If the garden needs help taking care of, we could also offer a chance for some people in community to have a job or to grow their own food on the land in exchange of helping to maintain the garden. This could help with the hunger and poverty in the community. 
What do we need for that? 
First we need to buy land. Two acres would be nice. Then we need to build a rainharvesting system in order to protect the garden from floods and to provide it with gathered water on rain seasons. After that we can start sowing the seeds, Mugonzi can start using his own eco fertilizer and people in the community can start growing their own food! 

What's the budget? 
One acre of land costs approximately 2500 euros. We are thinking about buying two.
Thats 5000 EUR. 
Building the rain harvesting system in the garden would cost around 3500 EUR. 
Seeds and tools to start the work in the garden cost around 350 EUR. 

You can read more about the situation in Uganda, Bugiri
here and if you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask us via e-mail or Instagram. 

   PS. You can also support us with your work or knowledge. Maybe you know how to build a better rain harvesting system or are great at social media or want to arrange a fundraiser concert! If you feel like contributing to our mission and helping these projects come true, you are welcome to join us in any way! 
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via e-mail or Instagram. 



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