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Supporting the work of the orphanage

What is the orphanage doing to support the children and the community?
As there are many children without family or families that don't have any resources to offer their kids enough food or clothes or provide them with healthcare or education, the organisation running the orphanage has taken it to their care to offer as much help and support to the needy as possible. 
They support their community with offering food for the needy who gather every lunch time, providing girls with hygiene products, kids with clothes, sick with healthcare and sometimes even help mothers with their chores.
Since pandemic closed the local school, the orphanage also pays for a teacher who comes three times a week to teach the children. To offer a better education and future for the kids, the orphanage is also in need to have books, boards and other study materials. 
The people running the orphanage truly have a kind heart and a wish to help their community. They do a lot more than what is expected from them. I admire that a lot. 

How we can support the orphanage? 
The orphanage is running on funds that the locals and kind neighbours are providing them from their own small incomes. They struggle hard to fill the monthly budget which offers food, hygiene products and other needed things not only for the children in the orphanage but also other people in need in their area.
We can help them by supporting the monthly budget. We can also support them to purchase things that don't  fit into the budget like toys or books for the kids, studying materials, unexpected healthcare costs, mattresses, mosquito nets, healthier foods, musical instruments or other things to develop talents and hobbies.  

PS. You can also support by becoming volunteer. For that, contact us to find out more. 

What's the budget? 


The last monthly budget - 2300 EUR
One mattress - 20 EUR 
One pair of shoes -  5 EUR



You can read more about the situation in Uganda, Bugiri here and if you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask us via e-mail or Instagram.



    PS. You can also support us with your work or knowledge. Maybe you have knowledge about developing a better education system or maybe you're great at social media or want to arrange a fundraising concert! If you feel like contributing to our mission and helping these projects come true, you are welcome to join us in any way! Contact us via e-mail or Instagram. 

VALGE png Little Bridge.png
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