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Update/ We have a borehole well!

In the end of august 2022, we finished building a borehole well. More than hundred people around our community now have access to clean drinking water! 
Our well is protected and works with a pump - this way there is no way for the water to get contaminated. We thank everyone who supported this project and made this success possible. 
Here are some photos of our people at their new well! 


photo_2022-09-14 17.05.51.jpeg
photo_2022-09-14 17.05.59.jpeg
photo_2022-09-14 17.05.57.jpeg
photo_2022-09-14 17.05.56.jpeg
photo_2022-09-14 17.05.58.jpeg
photo_2021-12-15 00.44.46.jpeg
photo_2021-12-15 00.44.44.jpeg

Clean drinking water with borehole well 

Where is the community getting the water right now?
Right now the village has few wells, all of them pretty shallow and for that reason easily contaminated. These wells are owned by the landowner but used by everyone in the village. With all the people using these few wells, there are often queues and crowds by the wells which is again highering the risk of contaminating the water. Some people also fetch water from lakes or smaller puddles. 

How is the water quality at the moment?
Our work with this village and organisation started with helping a young boy with serious health issues. The cause for these issues was unclean drinking water. The bacteria and germs burdened his liver, that burdened the heart and it's vessels, created inflammations and many other problems. 20 000 children die of diarrhea in a year in Uganda. A lot more die out of other health issues caused by contaminated water. 
People’s only option is to boil the water to get rid of germs. For that they use charcoal or firewood. That needs forests to be cut down. A lot of people can't afford to buy enough charcoal or firewood. 

What is our plan? 
We are planning to drill a borehole well which could offer clean and safe drinking water for their entire community in the area. We are also planning to build a rain harvesting system which offers more regenerative solution for the need of water on dry seasons. 

What do we need for that? 
Firstly we need our own land so that we could be in charge of taking care of the well and maintaining it's safety. Then we need to hire a company to drill a borehole well and teach the members of the community how to take care of it well. 
Right now we already own half of our land, but need to pay the other half by the end of this year. 

What's the budget? 
The remaining money that we still need to pay for our land by this year is 24 000 EUR.
Drilling a borehole well costs around 8000 EUR. 
Rain harvesting system costs around 3000 EUR. 

You can read more about the situation in Uganda, Bugiri
here and if you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask us via e-mail or Instagram. 

   PS. You can also support us with your work or knowledge. Maybe you have knowledge about water filters or are great at social media or want to arrange a fundraiser concert! If you feel like contributing to our mission and helping these projects come true, you are welcome to join us in any way! Contact us via e-mail or Instagram.



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