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Little Bridge Foundation

Little Bridge Foundation

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We are a charity organisation called Little Bridge Foundation.

Our mission is to offer our hand, knowledge and connections to create a bridge between sustainable, regenerative solutions and people in need. 

You can read more about our organisation's birth from here.  

What you probably need to know first is that we are working with projects where we have a straight connection and a trusting relationship with those in need to ensure you that the donations are reaching them entirely and are used as promised. You can read more about our on-going projects in here and see if our values, plans and budgets are something you would like to support. 

We dream of a world that is loving, tolerant, honest, sustainable and cares for our nature and our neighbours. Where everyone has access to clean water, fresh air, healthy food and education. We are here to connect those in need with those who can offer help, to be a voice for the weak. We hope to not only spread awareness about our societal and environmental problems but also about the solutions for them. To bring more hope, love and joy into this world. 


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VALGE png Little Bridge.png
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