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I have also studied yoga and herbal medicine. Besides nature and acting I also find music and DJ-ing one of my great passions. 

I am into growth and progress. I like to collaborate in projects that can open new perspectives and expand my experience and methods as an actress. It is important to me that the work I do has something to say and improve in our society. I believe that a work of art can and should touch the audience, widen their perception, and make a difference within themselves.


Before my studies as an actress, I was devoted to dancing for four years, which has made me fond of working on projects that are also connected with dance, choreography or martial arts. ​


I enjoy challenges, new point of views and magic. 

I belive in love, kindness, devotion and honesty. 



Interview about charity in Uganda 

Interview about charity in Uganda in Ringvaade 


Interview in SIRP

Henessi Schmidt wins Best Movie Actress 2020 for her role in “Talve” 


Shortfilm “How we wake up” in PÖFF 2020 

“Descent” wins second prize in 2020

Musicbed Reopen Challenge

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Yoga teacher training: 200 h TTC.                                                                                       

Driving licenses: B-category

Stagefight: 3 Day Course by Juri Kormušin        
Dance: Contemporary, hip hop, house, experimental at Free Flow Studio   



 Thailand 2020 

 Tallinn 2018 

 Tallinn 2016 

 Tallinn 2010-2014


Best Movie Actress 2020

by Estonian Cultural Endowment

My name is Henessi Schmidt. 
I come from a serene and green country in Northern Europe, Estonia. I'm working as an actress in both theatre and film. 


I studied theatre and acting for four years in the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy and graduated in 2019. ​


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