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Building a real home for the children in the orphanage

Where are the orphans staying right now?
Right now the organisation in Bugiri is renting a small room with four walls and that is it. When we first started working together the children were lacking beds, mattresses, mosquito nets, not to mention any other furniture. That made it really easy for them to get sick or catch malaria. For now we have managed to donate mattresses and mosquito nets for them, but they are in need of a real home. The room where they are sleeping is also the room where they have to do the studying when the local school is closed. So at night time the betonite floor is full of mattresses and in the morning they put all the things away again to be able to turn it into a classroom.

What is our plan? 
We are planning to buy enough land to build a house for the orphanage, dig a borehole well for clean drinkingwater and create a big vegetable garden with rainharvesting system which would allow their community to grow food also on dry seasons. 
The house for the orphanage could offer shelter for kids without parents or for children from families that can't support their wellbeing or education. We dream of a house that would run on solar-power, have a rainharvesting system to maintain water from rain-seasons and have enough room for the children to have their own bed, a place to keep their things, classroom for studying, kitchen for cooking food and a bathroom. We would also need to build toilets that could support a better hygiene and protect their water. 

What do we need for that? 
Firstly we need land. Then we need to start building a house on that land with well maintained toilets. Then we can start building the rain harvesting system and put up the solar panels. And then we can get the furniture, create a classroom with book and boards to help them study and hopefully continue with making it look like more of a home full of hope and joy, music and curiosity. We'll see where it goes, but we are also thinking that maybe one day it could be a real school. But first let's get these kids a home. 

What's the budget? 
One acre of land costs approximately 2300-2500 euros. 
Building a house in Uganda costs around 16 000 euros. 
A local company offers installing a  rain harvesting system and that costs around 5000 euros. 
Solar panels that could provide the orphanage with enough power cost around ??? euros. 
After these things are done we can start focusing on things like bunkbeds, kitchenware, books, boards etc. 


You can read more about the situation in Uganda, Bugiri here and if you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask us via e-mail or Instagram.



    PS. You can also support us with your work or knowledge. Maybe you have knowledge how to build a sustainable house or maybe you're great at social media or want to arrange a fundraising concert! If you feel like contributing to our mission and helping these projects come true, you are welcome to join us in any way! Contact us via e-mail or Instagram. 




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